1. The Stranglers : live at Preston 53 Degrees, Lancashire, England 2011 2. The Stranglers: live in Aberdeen 2022 3.The Stranglers: Feel it! live at Carlisle Sands Centre 28th March 2013 4. The Stranglers: Live at the Dunfermline Alhambra Friday 2nd March 2012 5. The Stranglers: live in Preston, Lancashire, England 6th July 2014


Jet Black

JJ Burnel

Dave Greenfield

Baz Warne


Dark Matters tour at Aberdeen Music Hall


The Stranglers live in Carlisle Sands Centre, Cumbria, Thursday 28th March 2013

Waltz-in-Black (Intro); Toiler on the Sea; Goodbye Toulouse; Grip; Norfolk Coast; Nuclear Device; Freedom is Insane; Mercury Rising; Peaches; Relentless; Golden Brown; Skin Deep; Midnight Summer Dream; European Female; Burning Up Time; Nice ‘n’ Sleazy; Bring on the Nubiles; Who Wants The World? Time Was Once On My Side; Duchess; Straighten Out; Down In The Sewer; Something Better Change; No More Heroes; Tank.


The Stranglers Live in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland, Friday 2nd March 2012

: Burning Up Time (00:14); The Raven (02:37); Sometimes (07:28); Lowlands (12:12); Hey! (Rise of the Robots) (15:34); Hanging Around (17:59); Unbroken (21:47); Time Was Once On My Side (25:35); Golden Brown (28:55); Strange Little Girl (32:57); Walk On By (35:37); Giants (41:41); Mercury Rising (45:01); Lost Control (48:29); Shut Up (52:03); No More Heroes (53:13); Time To Die (56:39); Relentless (01:00:11); Peaches (01:05:27); Duchess (01:09:27); All Day & All Of The Night (01:12:04); Tank (01:15:08).


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