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The Stranglers – The Lines (R̶a̶t̶ Track Chat)

Welcome to our next R̶a̶t̶ Track Chat, where we get a sneaky listen and behind the scenes insight from JJ, Baz and producer Louie Nicastro on tracks from the new album Dark Matters. Pre-order Dark Matters now: https://stranglers.tmstor.es/ The new … Наставите са читањем

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Legendary British punk rock band The Stranglers refuse to be intimidated by BDS

The Stranglers emerged as one of the first and longest-lasting bands of the punk era. By DAVID BRINN   NOVEMBER 12, 2016 U2 front man Bono, recalling the awe he felt when his fledgling band opened up for already established punk rock pioneers … Наставите са читањем

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UK punk stalwarts the Stranglers return to the States

By Scott McLennan Globe Correspondent,June 1, 2013 From left: Baz Warne, Jean-Jacques “JJ” Burnel, Jet Black, and Dave Greenfield of the Stranglers. You know that old friend you haven’t called in a while? The weeks between contact turned into months, … Наставите са читањем

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Life’s black and white for punk legends The Stranglers

It’s fair to say punk icons The Stranglers have seen and done it all. Brawling with the Clash, jailed in France for inciting a riot and escorted out of Sweden twice, The Stranglers lived and breathed the punk ethos. By The … Наставите са читањем

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It’s in Black and White – Stranglers are ready to rock

Baz Warne, singer and guitarist with The Stranglers, talks to The Gazette ByMartin Neal-DNU 17:30, 25 FEB 2016 Baz Warne of The Stranglers in concert When The Stranglers’ menacing, boundary-pushing, maybe even groundbreaking album Black and White first snarled and … Наставите са читањем

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JJ Burnel : The John Robb interview : JJ on the upcoming ‘grown up’ album, Dave Greenfield and how to grow up creatively

It’s been a tumultuous year for everybody and maybe even more so for one of the classic UK bands, The Stranglers. The tragic death of brilliant keyboard player Dave Greenfield a year ago seemed to have marked the end of … Наставите са читањем

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The Stranglers share tribute to late keyboard player Dave Greenfield, announce first studio album since 2012

By Classic Rock (Classic Rock) The Stranglers’ bassist JJ Burnel discusses And If You Should See Dave…, a touching tribute to the late Dave Greenfield, and the first single from the new Stranglers’ album Dark Matters *Image credit: Coursegood) The Stranglers have released And … Наставите са читањем

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STRANGLERS – JJ Burnel Interview (Needle Time 2013)

Musicware TV

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The Stranglers March On Despite Death Of Dave Greenfield

ROGER KASPERJANUARY 25, 2021 Bassist Jean-Jacques Burnel talks emotionally about the tragedy of the keyboardist’s death, how it has spurred on a new album and why the band weren’t punks… or were they?  In a wide-ranging interview with Rotosound, who supply his bass strings, Burnel also … Наставите са читањем

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Hugh cornwell interviewed by rick wakeman on rockworld tv 2008.

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