Watch: The classic Stranglers song transformed into a Wrexham chant

17 Apr 2022

Wrexham’s Racecourse Ground. Background picture by Markbarnes (CC BY-SA 3.0).

When you’re a fan of both The Stranglers and Wrexham, it seems almost inevitable you are going to work out which of the band’s impressive back catalogue would fit in well on the terraces at The Racecourse.

So it was that radio presenter and musician Neil Crud came to record what can only be described as a gonzo version of the band’s 1986 hit ‘Always The Sun’ – with the main refrain of ‘Always The Sun’ replaced with ‘Always Wrexham’.


Putting his reworked Stranglers lines over the top of footage of Wrexham’s momentous FA Trophy semi-final victory over Stockport, we reckon it’s perfect to be adopted by fans at the Racecourse.

“That’s exactly why I put it together,” says Neil, who has his own radio show on “I first saw Wrexham when I was 12 years old versus West Ham.

“The idea came to me a couple of years ago when I was humming that great Stranglers song,” added the musician, who is also the gatekeeper of extensive Welsh music archive

“It gathered momentum among my friends and we’ve been singing it a lot this season. We’ve always maintained that it’s perfect for the terraces.

“At least four of us sang it last time. It’s a pretty old song now, so the young ‘uns won’t know it… yet!”

Listen to Neil’s Punk and Beyond Show on on Monday evenings at 10pm.

An archive of shows can be found HERE

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