The Stranglers – The Lines (R̶a̶t̶ Track Chat)

Welcome to our next R̶a̶t̶ Track Chat, where we get a sneaky listen and behind the scenes insight from JJ, Baz and producer Louie Nicastro on tracks from the new album Dark Matters. Pre-order Dark Matters now:

The new album ‘Dark Matters’ by The Stranglers is out 10th Sept 2021. Order now: Lyrics: This one was my mum

This one my papa

This one when the kids stayed out too late in their first car

If you were to chase

The lines on my face

This one was from drinking

These two are from smoking

Those were my divorce

When everyone was fighting

There’s no hiding place

For the lines on my face

These are for the laughter I’ll take to the hereafter

Creases made by friends I had my ups and downs

There’s triumph and disgrace In the lines on my face

These are for the smiles

When I look upon your face

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