Manson Guitar Works – Baz Warne & Jim Macaulay

Before embarking on a New Zealand and Australian tour, Stranglers vocalist and guitarist Baz Warne caught up with Manson Guitar Works to record a special video featuring sections of Stranglers legendary guitar parts together with touring drummer Jim Macaulay. Using his standard and full custom Manson MA models, Baz demonstrate riffs, solos and rhythm parts from hits such as Peaches, Hanging Around, Hey! (Rise Of The Robots), Always The Sun, Norfolk Coast, Out Of Control, Mercury Rising as well as some nice free-form jamming. Recorded live at the Stranglers private rehearsal space with top specification recording kit (Neve preamps and Neumann mics) it’s a unique behind the scenes visual and sonic delight. Listen to the Stranglers guitar parts in all their detail and the incredible versatility of the Manson MA guitars as they take on clean, gnarly or full on distorted parts. Watch in HD for best picture and sound.

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