The Stranglers – Live Mix : 1. The Stranglers – In Concert 1977 2. stranglers madrid 1986 3. The Stranglers Live Bol D’or French TV 19/09/87 4. The Stranglers live in Kelvingrove Glasgow 2019 5. The Stranglers Live Munich Alabamahalle 14/01/85 6. The Stranglers Theatre Royal, Nottingham 19th August 1980 (Rockstage TV master VHS) 7. The Stranglers & Friends Live 8. THE STRANGLERS – Zagreb 1990 9. The Stranglers – Live in San Francisco 78′ 10. The Stranglers Live, Adelaide 2020 11. The Stranglers (Full Set) Punk Rock Bowling 2019 12. The Stranglers live – Newcastle England 2019 13. The Stranglers 26 10 1980 New Orleans 14. The Stranglers – Live at Musilac Fest (Jul 12, 2018) HDTV 15. The Stranglers – Rattus At The Roundhouse (4/11/07)

The Stranglers live at the Paris Theatre, London on 7 April 1977, recorded for In Concert on BBC Radio 1 and broadcast on the 23rd of that month. Tracklist: 1. Sometimes (0:07) 2. Dagenham Dave (4:31) 3. Peaches (8:10) 4. I Feel Like a Wog (12:20) 5. Straighten Out (16:34) 6. London Lady (19:40)

The Stranglers No More Heroes, Was It You, Down In The Sewer, Nice In Nice, Punch & Judy Live Bol D’or French TV 19/09/87

Stranglers live in the Weeg

The Stranglers Live Munich Alabamahalle 14/01/85

THEATRE ROYAL, NOTTINGHAM 19.8.80. Shah Shah A Go Go Ice Who Wants The World Toiler On The Sea Thrown Away Tank Nuclear Device Genetix Rockstage TV broadcasted 19.5.81. VHS master tape Other Stranglers videos on my channel are; Go Buddy Go (Top Of The Pops) 26th May 1977 Grip (Unknown German TV Show 1977) No More Heroes (Top Of The Pops) 22nd September 1977 Hope & Anchor 22.11.77. Rok It To The Moon (Promo – 1978) Nice ‘N’ Sleazy Top Of The Pops 18th May 1978 Revolver LWT 22nd July 1978 Rats, Lurkers, Stranglers, (VH1 Re-broadcasts) Walk On By (Top Of The Pops) 17th August 1978 Battersea Park, London 16th September 1978 Theatre Royal, Nottingham 19th August 1980 (Rockstage TV master VHS) No Nukes CND Festival, Utrecht, The Netherlands 9th April 1982 (UK Granada TV) Gillingham Central Halls 1982 (Off The Record TVS 18th October 1982) European Female (DJ, TVS) 10.1.83. THE TUBE (Channel 4 UK/TV 21st January 1983) VHS master London Lady (Live) Bristol 31st January 1983 No More Heroes (Live) Bristol 31st January 1983 Who Wants The World (Live) Bristol 31st January 1983 Nubiles (Cocktail Version Tease) Live 1983 (20.2.83.) Kenny Everett Show (UK/TV October 1983) VHS Master The Tube (Channel 4, UK/TV 7th December 1984) 3 Songs, VHS Master Nice In Nice (Cheggers Plays Pop 12th September 1986) Original Broadcast Shaking Like A Leaf (Sat Night Live, UK/TV 28th February 1987) VHS Master. Saturday Night Live (2 songs) 25th February 1987 (Heroes) TV Advert LP FIB 2011 Benicassim, Spain July 15th 2011 Rock Am Ring Germany 2nd June 2012 Isle Of Weight Festival 21st June 2012 Olympia, Paris 7th April 2014

The Stranglers and friends live @ The Rainbow 1980

Get A Grip ( Hazel O,Connor & Robert Smith ) Hanging Around ( Hazel O,Connor & Robert Smith ) Tank ( Robert Flipp & Peter Hammill ) Toiler On The Sea ( Robert Fripp & Phil Daniels ) The Raven ( Basil Gabbidon & Peter Hammill ) Nice & Sleazy ( Basil Gabbidon , Nicky Tesco & Nik Turner ) Peaches ( Ian Dury , Wilco Johnson , Davey Pain , John Turnbull & Toyah Wilcox ) Bear Cage ( Ian Dury , Matthieu Hartley , Wico Johnson , Davey Pain & John Turnbull ) Duchess ( Toyah Wilcox ) No More Heroes ( Richard Jobson ) 5 Minutes ( Richard Jobson & Larry Willis ) Something Better Change ( Steve Hillage & Toyah Wilcox ) Down In A Sewer ( Jake Burns , Steve Hillage & All Guests )

In spring 1980 Hugh Cornwell was in Pentonville Prison for drug possession ,,the band decided to continue with the two gigs scheduled at the Rainbow Theatre by inviting a number of well known artists to cover for him ,,ive got to admit when i first heard this recording many years ago i quickly dismissed it as karaoke Stranglers but these days i can appreciate its historical value ,,,to have legends like Ian Dury , Richard Jobson , Wilko Johnson and Stiff Little Fingers front man Jake Burns sharing a stage and performing these classic Stranglers songs is priceless ,,, a great moment in punk new wave history

STRAŽARNI LOPOV: – priče o izgubljenoj generaciji – raritetne audio i video snimke – razgovori sa ljudima koji su stvarali rock scenu na ovim prostorima – fotografije iz privatnih arhiva…

The Strangers live in Adelaide, Feb 11th 2020. A show is not without it’s technical difficulties, poor Dave. Great show 00:0002:59 ‘No Mercy’, ‘Nice ‘n’ Sleazy’, ‘5 Minutes’, ‘Unbroken’ 03:0005:50 Keyboard changeover 05:5109:32 ‘Golden Brown’ 09:3314:25 ‘Always the Sun’ 14:2618:19 ‘Skin Deep’, “Walk On By’ Outro 18:2022:45 “Something Better Change’ 22:4626:24 ‘Hanging Around’ 26:2527:29 ‘Go Buddy Go’ 27:3030:30 ‘No More Heroes’

The Stranglers made their first appearance ever in Las Vegas at Punk Rock Bowling 2019! What an honor it was to host them! Rest in Punk Dave Greenfield. 5 Minutes Get a Grip on Yourself Nice ‘n’ Sleazy Relentless Peaches Always the Sun Golden Brown Hanging Around Nuclear Device (The Wizard of Aus) Hey! (Rise of the Robots) Tank No More Heroes

The Stranglers live at Newcastle O2 Academy 2019 – Dave Greenfield RIP

Ole Man Rivers, New Orleans, Louisiana 26 October 1980 : 00 intro 01 Toiler On The Sea 02 I Feel Like A Wog 03 Bring On The Nubiles 04 Duchess 05 Hanging Around 06 Baroque Bordello 07 Down In The Sewer 08 Who Wants The World 09 Hallow To Our Men (tape flip) 10 Threatened 11 Tank 12 Nuclear Device 13 Genetix encore: 14 The Raven. I do not own the rights to any of this.

THIRTY YEARS TO THE NIGHT, The Stranglers return to play the Roundhouse London, blowing away the amassed throng with an incendiary performance. With songs from the original 1977 set list plus Specter of Love and Duchess for an encore. *****Set List/Track Times Below***** 01.No More Heroes 01:01 02.Ugly 04:39 03.Bring on the Nubiles 08:22 04.Dead Ringer 11:18 05.Sometimes 14:00 06.Dagenham Dave 18:51 07.Goodbye Toulouse 22:05 08.Hanging Around 25:35 09.5 Minutes 29:45 10.Bitching 33:24 11.Burning up Time 37:29 12.I Feel Like a Wog 39:53 12.Straighten Out 43:29 13.Something Better Change 46:21 14.London Lady 49:31 15.Peaches 52:10 16.Grip 56:19 17.Go Buddy Go 1:00:18 Encore. 18.Specter of Love 1:05:10 19.Duchess 1:08:35

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