CHILDREN MEDIEVAL BAND – Threatened (by Stranglers)


So our first album called “Treasure Underground” is out and it contains 10 interesting songs made by us with really modest means. It won’t compete with the professionally mastered tracks distributed on airwaves, but we dare to say that, in regard to originality and tastefulness, our album is better than most commercial stuff.

One of our favorite bands – The Stranglers – has this habit of posting sometimes details about their albums. On Stranglers’ site visitors can read descriptions of many of their songs, how they were made, recorded, where the inspiration came from, etc. We found this very interesting material to read and thought to do something similar.

An older song of Stranglers – one of our favorite bands.

The last of our „4-songs-acoustic-experiment“. A Stranglers piece – this is the most underrated rock band. In 40 years they made 40 great songs. „Toiler“ is one of them. Stranglers is among our best favorite bands.

Овај унос је објављен под Обраде песама. Забележите сталну везу.

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