LIVE REVIEW: The Stranglers at G-Live, Guildford

FORGET Golden Brown – this is Olden Brown – The Stranglers just get better with age.

The Stranglers live

Jet Black, aged 78, their original drummer, once told me he is the oldest rock star still playing.

Jet doesn’t tour anymore but is still in the band. Nowadays he lets Jim Macauley do the hard work.

The Stranglers played their first official gig at The Star in Guildford on September 11, 1974 when they were known as the Guildford Stranglers.

Now 43 years later their gig at G-Live sold out, as it did last year, as have most of the other venues on this, the Classic Collection Tour of the UK, Spain and France.

This year’s tour coincides with the planned re-release of the band’s entire studio album catalogue from 1977 to 1982.

Most of the tracks they played were singles, and most were off albums.

They started with The Raven, title of the 4th studio album in 1979.

Was It You? was from Dreamtime in 1986.

Sometimes was on Rattus Norvegicus in 1977, as was their first single Get A Grip On Yourself.

Next up was 15 Steps off the Giants album (2012).

Then Nice ‘N’ Sleazy was a single off Black and White (1978).

Never To Look Back is from the 10th studio album, appropriately named 10.

It was released in 1990 and was the last LP with original singer Hugh Cornwell.

Always The Sun, which lends its name to the new summer festival replacing Guilfest on Stoke Park, Guildford, is off Dreamtime.



Strange Little Girl hit No 7 August 1982, whereas Golden Brown peaked at No 2 (off La Folie) the same year.

Bear Cage was a non-album single in1980, same year as the single Who Wants The World.

Walk On By (1978) was from Black And White.

Next they played Something Better Change, a single off No More Heroes (1977) that reached No 9.

Freedom Is Insane is off Giants while Peaches was a single that rivalled God Save The Queen by the Sex Pistols in the summer of 1977, reaching No 8.

On Genetix off The Raven JJ Burnel reinvented the bass.


Then they did Hanging Around, Five Minutes and Down In The Sewer.

My mate Andy Davis previously contacted them to do a request for a massive Stranglers fan friend of ours who recently died.

The encore started with Go Buddy Go then Baz Warne said: „I’d like to dedicate this to Anton de Croft“ and JJ opened up No More Heroes without plucking the strings on his bass, simply thumping the body.

The Stranglers sell out but never sold out.

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