Обраде – Golden Brown (covers)

THE BLOODY COMPTABLE : Golden brown (Stranglers cover – FD)




Ukulele duet / trio cover of The Stranglers’s Golden Brown





The Miserable Rich play a few impromptu tunes under the ‘Bat Bridge’ in Austin







The duo PASDETROIS (Markus Noser – viola, Thierry Perroud bass clarinet and Glockenspiel) covers the song „Golden Brown“ from the british rock band „The Stranglers“.




Metal version of Golden Brown by The Stranglers.




2003. WarJunk from album „Radiate“





From Serbia





The Notch – Golden Brown ( cover Stranglers)





Finnscher – Golden Brown (The Stranglers Cover)





Ryan Ricks – Golden Brown (Officiële video)





Brix – Golden Brown (The Stranglers Cover)






Die Rude ‘Golden Brown’ The Stranglers





Zephyr Quartet play The Stranglers’ Golden Brown as part of Sessions at the Space Theatre in the Adelaide Festival Centre.





Liset Alea (Nouvelle Vague) – Golden Brown (Cover The Stranglers)





Still D.R.E vs Golden Brown’ covered by COLOUR





Sneaker Pimps – Golden Brown





Acoustic cover of „Golden Brown“ originally recorded by The Stranglers





Vocals/Harp/Keyboards ~ Emer Kenny (The Irish Songs)

(these songs are from an ancient tradion and are known as „sean nos“ songs)





The Jolly Boys – Golden Brown





MARIANs JOY – Golden Brown





Cult With No Name’s version of the The Stranglers’ classic ‘Golden Brown’.





The Chaos Quartet






Better Daze The Stranglers – Golden Brown












This is the song Golden Brown by The Stranglers played on 8 floppy drives!






From Serbia again.






George Demure – „Golden Brown“





Bedhead – Golden Brown (The Stranglers Cover)







Wendy Rae Fowler – Golden Brown (The Stranglers cover)








FùGù MANGO – Golden Brown (Live at Dada Studios 28th November 2014)








Golden Brown – The Stranglers (cover with fixtimeband)





Keziah Jones – Golden Brown






Cage The ElephantGolden Brown (Unpeeled)





OMAR – Golden Brown


Овај унос је објављен под Обраде песама. Забележите сталну везу.

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